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Communications Center
Tracy Sheldon
Communications Manager

(530) 318-9782

In May of 2011, the City Council adopted the first-ever Business Plan for the City that included several initiatives to improve communication between the City and the community. As a result, the City is now providing many opportunities for the community to contact staff, provide feedback, follow us on social media networks, keep up with news and information, sign up for notifications via cell phone text message or email, and report concerns, which also allows you to track our responsiveness. All of these communication methods are listed below and can be found throughout the website.

If you have other ideas to improve communication or help us stay connected, contact the City's Communication Manager, Tracy Sheldon at the number listed on the right.

If you want to reach a specific staff member, go to Staff Directory and search for their their name or click open one of the department listings. You can also use the search feature on every page (left side "Search our Site" )to enter key search terms.

Let's Get Talking!

City News

Read about special events, road closures, power outages, City projects and services.
City News

Contact City Staff
View a list of direct phone numbers and email addresses to reach City staff.
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Contact City Council
Contact your City Councilmembers by phone or email, they want to hear from you.
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Give us Feedback
Submit feedback to the City about anything of interest to you and track our responses. 

Stay Connected
Stay informed on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube Channel.
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Report a Concern
Submit a complaint, or a concern to the City and track our responsiveness. 
Report a Concern

Upcoming Events
Look for upcoming community and department events to participate in.
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Voice Your Opinion

Take informal surveys and compare your opinion to that of others.
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