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Building Plan Review Submittal

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  2. Upload your PDF documents below:
  3. Single PDF File which includes your Submittal Checklist, Permit Application and Credit Card Authorization Form (if applicable).

  4. Residential Checklist Pic_Page_1
  5. One PDF File of all Plan Sheets in order, per the Submittal Checklist Index Pages.

  6. PlansImage
  7. One PDF File compiled of all required Supplemental Documents in order, per the Supporting Documents Cover Sheet. Cover Sheet is REQUIRED.

  8. Supporting Documents Cover Sheet Pic
  9. One PDF compiled of all applicable TRPA documents (or Planning; see requirements on Submittal Checklist).

  10. TRPA App Pic_Page_1
  11. Alternative Submittal Option

    If you are unable to upload your documents via the webportal, you may send an email to, and attach your four PDF files with your email submission. Be sure each PDF is named correctly and your email includes required information, such as PC#, address, and permit number.

    If you have any questions, please contact the Permit Center: or call (530) 542-6010.

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