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Building Plan Review Submittal

  1. Plan Submittal
  2. Upload your Documents using the following:
  3. Upload A single PDF Including: City Application, Submittal Checklist, & Credit Card Authorization
  4. CityApplicationsImage
  5. Upload A single PDF Including All plans in order per index sheet
  6. PlansImage
  7. Upload A single PDF Including All Supporting Documents with CSLT Cover Sheet
  8. SupDocsImage
  9. Upload A single PDF Including All TRPA documents including; TRPA Application, BMP Calcs, Findings, Site Assessment (or verified form of coverage and land capability)
  10. TRPAImage
  11. **Please note that a public scanner for 8-1/2" x 11" Documents is available for self scanning @ 1052 Tata Ln.
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