Vacation Home Rentals (VHRs) are enforced by the South Lake Tahoe Police Department's Vacation Home Rental Code Enforcement Team.

To make a complaint or report a disturbance, please contact 530 542-7474 at the time of the disturbance and an officer will be dispatched in response. The hotline is available 24/7. In a non-emergency situation, such as a noise or trash complaint, we ask that you call this number instead of calling 911. We invite your calls, and ask that you provide the address of the property in question.

Complaints and responses will be posted on this webpage and updated regularly.

  1. VHR Code Enforcement

    Phone: (530) 542-7474
    Please call this number for complaints and disturbances only

To see all complaints, CSO or PD response, use the following link: 

(open the link and click on the address to see the report card for that item)


Last updated 12/12/2018 (updated Mon-Thurs only)

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There is new Voter Initiated city code pertaining to VHRs in the Residential area.  More details to come.  The initiative was certified by the County Election Board on 12/10/2018.  It will be effective 10 days from that date.  The new ordinance will be published as soon as possible.

All enforcement that was effective as of the 12/27/2017 update will remain.

Up to $1,000 citations SHALL be issued to occupants &/or owners for code violations at VHRs.

Responding officers have no discretion and will issue citations without a warning.

The primary violations are:

  • Noise – no excessive noise at any time but especially after 10 pm
  • Parking - is only allowed on paved surfaces, and not to exceed permitted number of vehicles
  • Trash – keep the trash in a bear box or indoors
  • Maximum Occupancy/vehicles – cannot exceed the posted occupancy or vehicle limitations at ANY TIME. Parties and weddings are prohibited. The occupancy and vehicle limits are for any time/duration and include all occupants AND any of their guests
  • Hot Tubs – absolutely no hot tub use between 10 pm and 8 am

If you have received a citation for a VHR violation and you wish to contest it, you may appeal the citation. The instructions are on the back of the citation. You may use the Citation Appeal Form (PDF) which must be received by the Citation Processing Center (a third party located in Newport Beach, CA) within 30 days of the citation issuance or you may file the appeal online with the Citation payment. No payment or appeals will be accepted at any City of South Lake Tahoe offices.

To review the City Ordinance, view the South Lake Tahoe City Code.