Title 6 Update

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Zoning and Development Code Update

As part of the City’s comprehensive effort to update the South Lake Tahoe City Code, the Development Services Department and City Attorney’s office have begun the process of updating City Code Title 6, Development Services. This section of the City Code contains land use and development standards. These regulations include zoning, development standards, building, housing, and subdivisions.

The update will result in a streamlined, organized, and user-friendly code. The existing land use and development standards were written in 1997. Over the past 20 years, there have been multiple incremental amendments to various sections of the regulations, but a comprehensive overhaul has not occurred.

In an effort to streamline and clarify Title 6 to increase its effectiveness and user friendliness, the following goals for the Title 6 update have been established:

  • Take out references to old Code or repetition of other Codes
  • Incorporate Code Interpretations
  • Correct things that don’t work
  • Streamline
  • Remove dollar values and other details that should be adopted by resolution
  • Clarify complex sections
  • Create consistency with other plans (General Plan, Community Plans, Area Plans, Regional Plan, etc.)
  • Change sections that need re-written (modify regulations) such as use permit requirements and review authority
  • Create internal consistency
  • Make it easy to read and find things (Tables and illustrations)

The intent of the update is not to significantly modify the regulations but to clarify them and make them easier to understand. Although, some re-organization may occur, it is not part of the scope of this effort to modify the Sign Ordinance, Vacation Home Rental (VHR) Ordinance, or Marijuana regulations.

What is Zoning?

Zoning regulations control land use activities within the City. Zoning divides a city or county into districts and applies specific development regulations in each district. Thus, every parcel within a city or county has a specific zoning designation based on its zoning district and each district is subject to specified allowable land uses. In the Lake Tahoe Basin, all property is under the land use jurisdiction of the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA). TRPA has established Plan Areas as zoning districts and adopted a system of Plan Area Statements, Community Plans, and Area Plans that provide zoning regulations for the Lake Tahoe Basin. In order to eliminate conflicts, the City has adopted the TRPA system and land use zoning regulations.

What is the Zoning and Development Code?

The Zoning and Development regulations of the City are contained in Title 6 of the City Code. These regulations refer to the adopted zoning system as well as additional regulations for specific types of land uses. Title 6 also contains specific property development standards that provide standards for things such as building setbacks, building height, parking requirements, and adopted building codes.

Title 6 contains the following chapters:

6.05 Advertising

6.10 Land Use Development Standards

6.15 Building Regulations

6.20 Community Investment and Revitalization

6.25 Housing

6.30 Multiple-Family Dwelling Inspection and Maintenance Program

6.35 Plan Line Setbacks

6.40 Signs and Advertising Structures

6.45 Subdivision of Land

6.50 Trees

6.55 Plan Area Statements and Other Land Use Regulations

6.60 Time-Share

6.65 Floodplain Management

When are opportunities for Public Input?

There will be several opportunities for public input throughout the Title 6 Code Update process.

City staff will conduct two public workshops and the Planning Commission and City Council will conduct several public hearings throughout the process. Check back to this website for announcements of specific dates for the following opportunities and updates to the schedule.

City Code Title 6 Update Public Meetings

Present introduction to Planning Commission
May 11, 2017
Public Workshop
June 22, 2017
Public Workshop
July, 2017
Presentation to Planning Commission
August, 2017
Presentation to City Council
September, 2017
Planning Commission recommendation to City Council
November, 2017
City Council 1st reading
December 2017
City Council 2nd reading
January 2018

At any time during the process comments, questions, or suggestions can be submitted to the Development Services Department at:


Email the Development Services Department