Be Aware: RECYCLE!



Interested in learning more about recycling? Visit the State of California’s CalRecyle website for more information. CalRecycle works with state and local government entities to help them achieve waste diversion, recycling, and environmentally preferable purchasing goals. CalRecycle also partners with local government to ensure that facilities operate according to state standards and permit/registration conditions.

Food Waste Recycling

El Dorado County has worked in partnership with CalRecycle to develop the Mandatory Organic Recycling (MORe) informational brochure (PDF).

With the passage of AB 1826, new organic recycling requirements are being phased in over several years and will help the state meet its goal to recycle 75 % of its waste by 2020.

Businesses, including public entities, schools, and multifamily complexes of 5 units generating threshold volumes of waste or more are required to recycle their organic waste on and after April 1, 2016.

El Dorado County and the County’s franchise waste haulers are here to help businesses, public entities, schools, and multifamily complexes comply with the new state requirement.

Organic Waste Recycling in South Lake Tahoe

In South Lake Tahoe, most organic waste is recyclable through the South Tahoe Refuse Resource Recovery Facility and is used for composting and mulching. Food Waste Recycling is done through a separate, weekly collection service operated by South Tahoe Refuse and Recycling and composted at Full Circle Compost.

View flyer with more information (PDF).

What You Need to Know About Business Recycling

California state law requires all businesses that generate 4 or more cubic yards of waste weekly to recycle.

View the flyer with more information on Business Recycling (PDF).
View the flyer with more information on Recycling Requirements (PDF).
View the flyer with more information on Blue Bags (PDF).

Business Recycling flyer
Types of materials to recycle flyer


In El Dorado County recyclable organic waste accounts for about 41% of the material disposed in landfills annually by the commercial sector. Recycling organic waste can save businesses money by reducing disposal costs while supporting green jobs in our community.