Wildlife Hazard Management Plan

Federal Regulations

Airport sponsors and managers have a legal responsibility under federal regulations (Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations, part 139 [14 CFR, part 139]) to ensure the airport maintains a safe operating environment. As part of this responsibility, they must assess the risk and magnitude of the wildlife strike problem for their airport (14 CFR, part 139.337). This assessment must include accurate and complete reporting of all strike incidents, assessment of wildlife using the airport environment, and assessment of wildlife habitat available to wildlife on the airport. Based on airport conditions and assessed strike risk, airport personnel might need to devise a Wildlife Hazard Management Plan (WHMP) for reducing strike risk and occurrence. Airport personnel must then act to implement and periodically evaluate the plan.

Wildlife Hazard Management Plan

Wildlife Hazard Management Plan (PDF)

Information about the risks posed to aircraft by certain wildlife species has increased a great deal in recent years. Improved reporting, studies, documentation, and statistics clearly show that aircraft collisions with birds and other wildlife are a serious economic and public safety problem. While many species of wildlife can pose a threat to aircraft safety, they are not equally hazardous.

Hazard Rankings

Hazard rankings can help focus hazardous wildlife management efforts on those species or groups that represent the greatest threats to safe air operations in the airport environment. Used in conjunction with a site-specific Wildlife Hazard Assessment (WHA) that will determine the relative abundance and use patterns of wildlife species, these rankings can help airport operators better understand the general threat level (and consequences) of certain wildlife species and can assist with the creation of a “zero-tolerance” list of hazardous species that warrant immediate attention.

Wildlife Hazard Assessment

Lake Tahoe Airport Wildlife Hazard Assessment (PDF)

Additional Information
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