South Lake Tahoe Recreation Facilities JPA

Joint Powers Authority

The South Lake Tahoe Recreation Facilities Joint Powers Authority consists of City of South Lake Tahoe, El Dorado County and Tahoe Paradise Resort Improvement District. The purpose of this Authority is to enhance the recreational facilities in the South Lake Tahoe Area of the County.

The district held a special election on September 19, 2000. Measure S was submitted to the voters. The voters were asked if they were in support of incurring a bonded indebtedness of the district in a principal amount not to exceed $6,500,000. The bonds would have a 30-year term, and the tax levy for a single family property would be $18 per year, not to exceed 30 years. The money would be used to maintain new bike trails, acquire, construct, and equip athletic fields, upgrade of Paradise Park facilities and construction of an ice rink. The voters voted in support of Measure S on September 19, 2000 by 69%.The assessment will appear annually on property tax bills.

Measure R was passed by voters in November 2011 to allow Measure S funds to be used for renovation of pre-2000 (old) Class I bicycle paths owned or operated by the City of South Lake Tahoe or the County of El Dorado in the CFD area, and allocated $500,000 of Measure S funds for renovation of youth ball fields in the Community Facilities District (CFD) area. After first ensuring maintenance funding for new Class I bicycle paths when they are built in fulfillment of the original intent of Measure S, Measure R also allows bicycle path maintenance funding to be directed to old Class I bicycle paths that have been renovated.