Local Gardening

At an elevation just over 6,200 feet with variable climate, developing a healthy local food system in South Lake Tahoe seems like a challenge. With over 100 local restaurants, cafes, and grocers in South Lake Tahoe and a year-long major agricultural valley less than 100 miles to the west, connecting out to a City healthy regional food system is actually an opportunity.

To help support local gardeners may we suggest you hop on your bicycle and visit one of their booth displays at a food and community event like a Farmer's Market
or the annual South Lake Tahoe Earth Day Festival.

If you wish to do some local gardening yourself please visit Gardening Guides for South Lake Tahoe.

Local Farmer's Markets

- American Legion Farmer's Market held in the summer every Tuesday at the
  American Legion - located at 2748 Lake Tahoe Boulevard
- Ski Run Farmer's Market - Friday's 3-8pm - located on Ski Run Boulevard

Community Gardens

Community gardens began at the turn of the 20th century and had a renaissance during the world wars in response to food shortages. Today, community gardens appeal to newly arrived immigrants, who use them to help maintain cultural traditions, and to those committed to sustainability and to personal and family health.

People, who do not always have access to nutritious-food outlets (e.g., grocery stores, farmers’ markets) owing to limited financial and community resources and inconvenient transportation systems, can usually access these gardens, since they often are located within neighborhoods and on public property.

Community gardens enhance nutrition and physical activity and promote the role of public health in improving quality of life. A successful community garden can be developed by incorporating local leadership and resources, volunteers and community partners, which can lead to skills-building opportunities for participants.