Special Events

The City of South Lake Tahoe is now accepting special event applications (Modifications only in place for Mega Events) 

As of June 15, California is fully open with most businesses and everyday places operating as normal – with no capacity limits or physical distancing required. However, everyone is still required to follow masking guidelines in select settings. Some restrictions also still exist for large events. Additional information.

All applications must be submitted no later than 30 days prior to the event.  

CDPH COVID-19 Industry Guidance for Events:

Host a Special Event

There are many things to consider before applying for a Special Event Permit in South Lake Tahoe. Please review the questions below to identify which department and permit process best fits your Special Event Activity. All department contacts are listed on the right side column of this page for additional information. 

1. Is your event planned on Private Property or a Local Business? Temporary Activities page   If yes, then complete a Temporary Activity Application and submit to the Development Service Department no later than 30 days prior to your event. 

2. Is your event planned on City Property such as a park, beach or recreation site? If yes, then complete the Special Event Application in accordance with the Special Event Guidelines no later than 30 days prior to your event and submit to the Recreation Services Department. 

3. Is your event planned to impact City streets or impede traffic in any way? If yes, then complete the Parade, Athletic, or Assembly Application no later than 25 days prior to your event and submit to the South Lake Tahoe Police Department. Paula Fleming is the best contact. pfleming@cityofslt.us  530-542-6136

4. Will your event involve food vendors? If yes, then complete the steps for a Temporary Special Event with the El Dorado County Environmental Health Department in accordance with County health requirements. 

5. Will your event impact public transit circulation (see public transit map and schedule at: http://www.tahoetransportation.org/transit/south-shore-services Or will the event block accessibility to a bus stop? If yes to either question please contact Tahoe Transportation District at (775) 589-5509. 

There are many other things to consider when planning your event including but not limited to: amplified music, safety of participants, waste management, parking/transportation management, and number of attendees all of which are considered to ensure a safe and successful event. Two of the most important things to consider when submitting an application are: 

1) Plan ahead! The more time the City has to review an event the more likely your event will be permitted and successful. 

2) Provide detail! The more detail in the form of descriptions, attachments, site plans, and schedules provided the more streamlined the permitting process will be.   

Once the lead department has received your application the Special Event Review Team will meet to review the information provided and contact you to discuss your concept in more detail. 

The City of South Lake Tahoe, California provides a pristine mountain setting framing one of the world’s most beautiful lakes. Lake Tahoe’s unique geography provides a venue fit for most any recreation event from adventure racing to low-impact leisurely activities. The natural beauty of Lake Tahoe combined with a variety of nightlife and entertainment options make South Lake Tahoe an ideal backdrop for any music, art, or food festival.

Looking for an Event in Town?

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