Effective, meaningful, cooperative and reciprocal partnerships are critical to the success of protecting Lake Tahoe. The City of South Lake Tahoe is committed to strengthening our local, state and federal legislative partnerships as well as our community partnerships including the private and non-profit sectors.

The goal of strengthening partnerships is so important, the City Council included it in their 2011/2012 Strategic Plan (PDF) as one of their top five priorities. The City is committed to demonstrating itself as an integral partner in the solutions to what faces South Lake Tahoe. Below is a brief listing of some of the City's vast cadre of partners in the plan to protect and restore Lake Tahoe to allow the generations after us to enjoy its unparalleled beauty and to revitalize the community to better provide for our residents.

Community Partners

All small and large businesses in South Lake Tahoe community, both California and Nevada are partners with the City. Due to space, we can not list each business here but include them all as partners.

Chambers of Commerce

Local Government Agencies and Private Sector Service Provider Agencies

Legislative Partners


The City of South Lake Tahoe is a California municipal organization formed under the laws of California as a General law city.

California Federal Representatives

California State Representatives


While the City of South Lake Tahoe is a California City, it is unique in its location as the only City within the Tahoe Basin and the only California City that must operate under a bi-state compact and thus, we recognize our Nevada legislative partners as integral to our community.

Nevada Federal Representatives

Nevada State Representatives


Tahoe Regional Planning Agency is a bi-state agency with a Governing Board membership that includes representatives from all basin counties and appointees of both the California and Nevada Governor's Offices as well as a presidential appointee.

California Agency Partners

With hundreds of California state agencies and departments, many of them provide assistance or directly impact South Lake Tahoe. Visit the state's website for list of resources. These few departments listed below partner with the City and community on a regular basis through funding of programs and projects.

Local Private and non-profit Agency Partners

The City recognizes the importance of our private business partners as well as the many non-profit agencies in the community. This list is not exhaustive but rather representative of the variety of partnerships in the community.

Non-Profit Associations and Agencies

Additional listings can be found through the High Sierra Community listing.

Business Partners

These partners provide jobs for our community, support non-profit agencies through donations and services and help to support the local economy.