Living in South Lake Tahoe affords residents the opportunity to live, explore and experience on a daily basis what brings a million visitors a years to the Lake Tahoe region. This page will provide residents links to many of the services and agencies we need and use here living in the high sierras, but once in a while, head on over to the Visitor tab and take some time to play like the visitors play to remind yourself just how wonderful it is to live in South Lake Tahoe.

Watch the Tahoe Time Lapse video

If you have an idea for services that should be listed here, email City staff. For additional information visit City Services and the "I want to," sections of the website. For a complete listing of City staff utilize the Staff Directory.

City Calendar

Stay up with City events and news following the City's calendar of events.

Home and Property

In South Lake Tahoe protecting your home from fire is important to consider, before an emergency happens. Living with Fire will provide homeowners with lots of information about how to protect your home. The site also links to multiple resources on creating defensible space.

Protect your home from bears and wildlife while also protecting their natural habitat by learning more about living amongst animals of the high sierras.

Boat Inspections

Homeowner resources

Utilities and Local Agencies


Searching for a job in South Lake Tahoe requires putting a list of resources and opportunities together. The list below is meant to get you started, but isn't every place you should look. If you have a job board that should be posted here, send us the link and we'll add it. Keep in mind, many ski resorts hire in the fall so don't wait until the snow flies to look for job opportunities at the resorts.



Airports (Local and Regional):

Public Transportation

Taxis in South Lake Tahoe include