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SWAT is an acronym for Special Weapons and Tactics. This is a highly trained and specialized unit of any law enforcement organization. Our SWAT unit is activated when the risk of violence is very high or has already occurred. It is comprised of those officers who have established a solid reputation for safety, awareness, conscientious duty, and dependability.

Within the SWAT team, there are various specialized assignments including Tactical Medics, Snipers, Breachers, Tech Operators and Gas/Munition Deployment Operators. All of these duties come together to keep Tahoe safe during a variety of missions, including hostage rescue, sniper missions, counternarcotic and countergang cases, barricaded subjects, officer and citizen rescue, maritime assaults and high risk search warrants. The SWAT team strives to educate and inform the community on our role and purpose and encourages questions from anyone interested in our mission.”

South Lake Tahoe Police Department SWAT Team Maritime Training

South Lake Tahoe Police Department SWAT Team Maritime Training


SWAT is a collateral assignment for officers who are generally assigned to our Patrol Division. Our SWAT officers must meet rigorous standards of sustained physical fitness. They must maintain an excellent record of marksmanship with a variety of firearms to include handguns, rifles, shotguns, and the tactical employment of gas and explosive devices.

SWAT functions in support of responding officers to safeguard the public, current or potential victims, and to apprehend violent offenders as safely as possible.

Sniper Training
SWAT vehicle

South Lake Tahoe Police Department SWAT Team training and vehicle

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