Property Evidence

Evidence Technicians

The evidence technicians are non-sworn civilian employees with specialized training in forensics. They assist in crime scene investigations. They perform a wide variety of responsible, technical, and professional duties involved in preparing, identifying, and maintaining criminal identification records and evidence as part of the investigation and prosecution work of the Police Department.


Among the several duties of the evidence technicians, they assume responsibility for the preparation, identification, and maintenance of fingerprints and other related identification records. They conduct specialized tasks in photography, latent fingerprint development, arson and bomb investigations, bloodstain interpretation, and hair fiber and trace evidence collection. They also fingerprint suspects, prisoners, and corpses; classify and identify fingerprints; assist in identification matters with federal, state, and local authorities; and prepare fingerprint displays. The evidence technicians conduct identification calls to crime scenes, search for and collect physical evidence, photograph and video record crime scenes, make diagrams, and log items collected from each location.

Evidence technicians will book property into and out of evidence to preserve the chain of custody, maintain files and daily logs, destroy and release property, inventory monies and narcotics, generate reports, and assist other members of the department with investigations. They also serve as expert witnesses by providing courtroom testimony.

Property and Evidence release is available by appointment only. Please contact the Records Department at 530-542-6100 to schedule an appointment.