The FBO, Mountain West Aviation will continue to provide aircraft servicing including fueling at the Lake Tahoe Airport.  Please contact the FBO at (530) 541-2110 for aircraft servicing questions

Airport staff are on site to assist customers when requested.   The Airport is staffed Monday through Friday 7:00 am - 5:00 pm.  The airport is minimizing interactions with members of the public so please call or email.  Do not show up at the Airport Offices unannounced.  If you need to contact the Airport please use the information below:

Airport Maintenance (530) 208-8447 or kjenkins@cityofslt.us; Monday - Thursday

Airport Manager (530) 208-8074 or mgibbs@cityofslt.us; Tuesday - Friday 

Lake Tahoe from Tunnel Creek 10.27.17

 flagU.S. Government Contract Fuel Sold at Lake Tahoe Airport

Mountain West Aviation (FBO) has contracted to be a provider of aviation fuel for the U.S. Federal Government. Mountain West Aviation provides contracted into-plane fueling to Military aircraft, as well as aircraft of Federal agencies and certain other non-Federal program participants. To ensure compliance with a specific contract (DoD or otherwise), pilots should contact their agency or the FBO to confirm contract specifics.

Fuel provided under contract with the U.S. Federal Government is priced by contract with the U.S. Government.

For additional information, visit the U.S. Government Contract Fuel web site.