Emergency / Disaster Information


             NOTE: if you know of a place of business that has an AED available to the public and would like us to add it to the map, feel free to email our GIS mapping department.

Emergency Evacuation Neighborhood Maps

To ensure the safety of residents and visitors of South Lake Tahoe neighborhoods, the South Lake Tahoe Fire Department wants to remind the community to be aware of their evacuation zones.

Interactive Evacuation Map

Barton Hospital Area Map (PDF) 

Shelter in Place

"Shelter-in-place" means selecting an interior room or rooms within your home, or ones with no or few windows, and taking refuge there. In the event of an emergency, Shelter-in-Place where you are unless directed otherwise by response officials.

  • Close all doors, windows, and sky lights.
  • Turn of thermostats and air conditioners.
  • Listen to the local radio and check for EAS Alerts on KRLT 93.9 FM or KOWL 1410 AM, local television station (Channel 21), or City website for further information.
  • Have a bag packed in the event the strategy changes from Shelter-in-Place to Evacuation.

Local officials on the scene are the best source of information for your particular situation. Following their instructions during and after emergencies regarding sheltering, food, water, and evacuation is your safest choice.


When instructed by response officials, evacuate your home.

  • Time and situation permitting, close all doors, windows and sky lights.
  • Take your medicine, pets, and small irreplaceable personal items, place in vehicle and proceed out of the neighborhood.
  • Listen to the local radio (KRLT 93.5 FM or KOWL 1410 AM) and follow the predesigned evacuation routes.

Atmospheric Conditions and Wildfire Information

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration website


For questions or more information about emergency and disaster preparedness, please contact the Fire Department at (530) 542-6160.