Residential Allocations


Both an allocation and development right are required in order to build a residential unit. A development right is one-half of what is required in order to build a residential unit. Typically each undeveloped residential lot has one development right associated with it. If more than one housing unit is proposed for a site, additional development rights need to be purchased and transferred to the parcel to match the allocations received.

An allocation is the other half of what is required in order to build a residential unit. When matched with a development right, it allows the property owner to submit plans for construction of a new residential unit. A Residential Allocation Application (PDF) must be completed and submitted to the Planning Division.

Available Allocations

Every two years the City of South Lake Tahoe receives residential allocations from the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) to distribute to properties in the City limits. The next distribution will be in 2021.

City of South Lake Tahoe Resolution Number 2018-46 adopted by the City Council specifies the policy and procedures for the distribution of allocations. 

Waiting Lists:

You may view the current residential allocation waiting lists below:

Private Market Allocations

If there are no allocations available through the City allocation pool or you wish to build without waiting to be offered a City allocation, you may purchase allocations on the open market through a private party. A local realtor may be able to help with the process or you may visit the Tahoe Regional Agency (TRPA) TDR Marketplace website. If you purchase an allocation from a private party you will need to complete a Transfer of Rights process with both the City and TRPA.


For additional information, please contact Permit Center staff at (530) 542-6010.