Decks & Sheds


A building permit is required for repairing, adding on to, or building a new deck. Because of the snow loads and seismic conditions in this area, engineering and deck design is required along with the building permit.

If there is no change in the size of the deck, Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) will not be involved with the permit process. If the deck is increasing in size or a new deck is built, TRPA requirements will need to be met regarding land coverage. This process can be handled with a site assessment from TRPA if one has not already been completed for the property.

Once land coverage has been determined, you must provide a site plan, engineering, and details as to how the deck and handrail will be built to the Building Division for review. Once the review is complete, a building permit will then be issued.

Sheds & Non Permanent Structures

All sheds and non-permanent structures need to be approved. Please refer to our Sheds and Non-Permanent Structures Handout (PDF) for reference. The City of South Lake will process the application whether it is only a TRPA project or both a building permit and TRPA project. Regardless of the shed size, existing coverage on the property must be verified and a site assessment may be required. This must be obtained from TRPA using their Site Assessment application. Please contact the City Permit Center at (530) 532-6010 for help determining the correct process required for your situation.