Plan Check Requirements


Whenever a structure is being built or modified in any way, whether commercial or residential, the process of plan check will need to be implemented.The plan checker reviews plans, structural calculations, codes, and other information pertaining to how the structure will be built or modified. Please refer to the appropriate submittal checklist for your project on the plan check page (to be completed by the applicant) for submittal requirements.

Plan Check estimated timeline

It is the goal of the City of South Lake Tahoe to complete first submittal plan checks in 30 days or less and resubmittal plan checks in 10 business days or less.

Plan Check Process

  1. Receive the submitted plans and specifications to review for compliance.
  2. If the project does not meet the needed requirements, the project will be returned to the permit technician with a list of corrections which will need to be addressed by the applicant. You will be notified by phone to pick up the corrections.
  3. Once you have addressed the corrections, the project will be returned to the City Building Division for another review.This process will continue until all issues have been corrected.
  4. Once all information is accurate and meets all code requirements, the plan check will be returned to front office staff to prepare the project for the issuance of the permit. Once this processing is complete, the permit technician will notify the applicant by phone of the fees due along with any other outstanding requirements which would need to be completed prior to permit issuance.