Plan Check Electronic Submittal 

Step 1: Creating PDF File #1 ("City App")

  1. Once you have completed your submittal checklist and permit application, please print them out and sign them (if you have the ability to electronically sign with a program such as DocuSign or Adobe Sign, that is acceptable as well).
  2. Scan and upload/save them back to your computer.
  3. Name the file to include the project address, permit number, Plan Check number, and which PC# you are submitting (permit number will be assigned by a Permit Technician after your initial submittal, so please use "TBD" as the permit number for the initial submittal).
  4. The Plan Check number corresponds with the number of submittals for each application. An initial application submittal will be "PC1"
    1. Example of first submittal: Address_Permit#(TBD for your first submittal)_PC#_PDF File Name
    2. Example of second submittal: 1234FakeSt_99988876_PC2_CityApplication

Submittal Checklist Pic

Step 2: Creating PDF File #2 ("Plans")

  1. Combine all Plan Sheets (24" X 36") and save as a single PDF file in the order listed on the Index Sheet
  2. Just as the previous section, save and name the file Address_Permit#_PC#_Plans

Submittal Checklist Pic

Step 3: Creating PDF File #3 ("Sup Docs")

  1. Compile all of your supplemental/supporting documents (utility approval letters, Truss Calcs, Cut Sheets, etc.)
  2. Save as one PDF file named: Address_Permit#_PC#_SupDocs

Submittal Checklist Pic

Step 4: Creating PDF File #4 ("TRPA")

  1. Compile any required TRPA documents 
  2. Save as one PDF file named: Address_Permit#_PC#_TRPA

Submittal Checklist Pic

Important Notes:

Does the project result in additional and/or modifications to land coverage? 

Will your project result in a structural addition and/or modification on your property? 

  • If yes, a Qualified Exempt (QE) Application will be required. Please review the QE Application to determine which supporting documents will be required. If no, a TRPA Qualified Exempt Application may not be required. 

If you are unsure if your project will require a TRPA Application submittal, please contact the Permit Center and we will be happy to assist (530) 542-6010. 

Step 5: Submitting your application

Once all four PDF files have been compiled and named, they may be submitted online using our Building Plan Submittal Webform. Simply input your basic project information and upload the documents and submit. Paper Plans will not be accepted.

In the event your computer is not equipped with software that enables you to digitally combine plans and supporting documents into one pdf file, you may scan all documents in order, along with a cover sheet, as a single PDF file. If you do not have access to a scanner, you are welcome to stop by the Development Services Department (1052 Tata Lane) during office hours to utilize our public scanner. 


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