Plan Check Permits

Plan Check Permits

  1. Plan Check Permits

    Some permits are more complex and require a review of plans, engineering and structural calculations, code requirements, and other information pertaining to how the structure will be built or modified prior to issuing a permit. Whenever a structure is being built or modified in any way, whether commercial or residential, the process of Plan Check will need to be implemented. 

    The City of South Lake Tahoe strives to return Plan Check Reviews within 30 days, and "re-checks" within 10 days. The process must be completed within 6 months of submission.

    Overview of Plan Check Process: 

    1. Submit required documents, including permit applications, checklist, plans and specifications, and supporting documents to Permit Center for review (you will be directed to detailed instructions on how to digitally submit your application and documents once you click the Submit Button below).
    2. If the project does not meet requirements, documents will be returned to the Permit Technician with a list of corrections, which will need to be addressed by the applicant. You will be notified by phone to pick up the corrections.
    3. Once you have addressed the corrections, the project will be returned to the City Building Division for another review. This process will continue until all issues have been corrected.
    4. Once all information is accurate and meets all code requirements, a Permit Technician will notify the applicant by phone of the fees due, along with any other outstanding requirements, which would need to be completed prior to permit issuance.

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