Express Permits

  1. Some permits do not require a Plan Review and only require one or two inspections. It is our goal to process all of the below types of permits submitted digitally by the end of the next business day (these permits expire after twelve months; with the exception of Minor Demolition Permits). Permit Center staff will review submissions and contact you regarding completeness and issuance of the permit. 


    Once your permit has been processed, a Permit Technician will email a copy of your permit and receipt to the email provided and a hard copy of your permit card will be delivered to your jobsite upon your first scheduled inspection. Please contact the (530-542-6010) if you have any questions.

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Other Building Permits and Projects


If your project/permit type is not listed above, it may need to be submitted for review before it is approved and a permit is issued. Continue to the Plan Check Page.

Planning Permits


For Planning Permits, including Non-Residential Fences, Temporary Activities, Home Occupancy, Signs and QVHRs, continue to the Planning Permits Page.

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