Ruby Way-Overlook Ct Drainage and Erosion Control Project

Project Manager: Chuck Taylor
Status: Planning and Design
Schedule: 2021-22 Construction

The Ruby Way project falls within the Bijou Park Drainage which is part of the East Pioneer Trail Watershed. The upper part of the project area is steep with minimal storm drain infrastructure. Runoff from larger storm events bypasses the existing inlets in the Wildwood Avenue and Overlook Court area as is evidenced by channels cutting across properties. The project boundaries are shown on attached project location map.

  • The primary objectives of this project are as follows:
  • Replace and upgrade the existing drainage infrastructure;
  • Stabilize steep, eroding road shoulders and drainage channels;
  • Collect sediment in maintainable drainage structures;
  • Treat stormwater by detaining runoff in underground infiltration galleries and detention

The draft design includes the routing of stormwater to proposed basins and infiltration systems located on David Lane and California Tahoe Conservancy (CTC) parcels along the old Ruby Way right-of-way area on the north side of Wildwood Avenue. 

Project Vicinity/Location Map (PDF)

Ruby Way-Overlook Ct Drainage and Erosion Control Project Draft Design Plans (PDF)

Initial Study/Negative Declaration environmental document Draft (PDF)