Champions Plaza

Champions Plaza Statue

What is Champions Plaza?

On the heels of the 2014 Winter Olympics, in which several of our local athletes earned Olympic medals, the idea of creating a Champions Plaza was born.  To honor and recognize these athletes, City Council approved the construction and design of a Champions Plaza. 

Located just across from Lakeview Commons, the 11’ bronze '"Spirit of Competition" sculpture represents male and female athletes reaching for a ring. The sculpture was created by artist Gareth Curtiss. On June 15, 2018 the sculpture was unveiled and the initial honorees were inducted in a community celebration. The first round of athletes recognized through installation of a personalized brick on the plaza floor include: 

  • Jamie Anderson
  • Maddie Bowman
  • Travis Cabral
  • Elena Hight
  • Jonna Mendes
  • Shaun Palmer
  • Glen Plake
  • Travis Ramos
  • Kyle Smaine
  • Hannah Teter
  • Juan Torres

The City Parks and Recreation Commission seeks additional nominations to consider for the plaza. The process for submitting an application is outlined in "How To Apply"

How To Apply

1. Download and Complete the application and submit to 

2. The review team will reply to your submittal with a follow up letter stating the status of your application. 

3. Should your application be recommended to City Council you will be notified of the Council Meeting date. Recommendations are brought to City Council twice per year. 

4. The applicant shall be responsible for the cost of the brick. The City shall be responsible for installation and maintenance. 

5. For each new honoree the City shall produce a press release at the time of installation.