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The City at Work
The City at Work initiative was adopted by the City Council in May, 2011 with the adoption of the City's first-ever Business Plan. The Initiative is a coordinated effort to serve the public better by keeping the public more informed of projects going on in the City, provide easy access to project updates and progress photos. Sign up to stay informed when we post project updates or stay informed by returning to these pages.

For more information on these projects contact Jim Marino, City's Capital Improvement Project Manager at (530) 542-6027.

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2013 Projects

El Dorado Beach Restroom
The El Dorado Beach Improvement Boat Launch Restroom project is an extension of the Lakeview Commons Project, which was completed in 2011. The project includes reconstruction of an existing forty (40) year old restroom in the boat ramp parking lot, adjacent to Lakeview Commons. The new restroom facility will meet increased demand (additional fixtures), ADA requirements and, standards for winterization.

Fixin Highway 50 Initiative
The Fixin' Highway 50 Initiative was adopted by the City Council in May, 2011 with the adoption of the City's first-ever Business Plan. The goal of the Initiative is to leverage resources to construct improvements adjacent to Highway 50 at the same time as Caltrans is improving Highway 50 during the next two to three years.

Project Status

Bijou Area Erosion Control Project
The Bijou Area ECP, Phase I project focuses on two key elements:  (1) replacement of the existing Bijou Creek storm drain system that conveys storm water runoff from the 1,300-acre Bijou Creek watershed to Lake Tahoe; and (2) construction of a comprehensive regional treatment system for runoff generated in the Bijou commercial core. 

The existing, failing fifty (50) year old Bijou Creek storm drain system will be replaced from the outlet of Bijou Meadow, under Fairway Drive and U.S. Highway 50, through the Bijou commercial core, and to Lake Tahoe, with a new underground drainage system.  Replacement will allow for separation of storm water from the upper watershed from high pollutant load storm water in the commercial core. High pollutant storm water from City right-of-way, Caltrans right-of-way, and private property in the Bijou commercial core will be collected in a separate drainage system and directed through a series of underground vaults to remove sediment.  Storm water will then be pumped through an underground storm drain pipe to water quality treatment basins in the upper watershed for infiltration.

Project Status

Linear Park Landscape Improvements
Linear Park Landscape Improvement Project includes upgrading landscaping, lighting, irrigation, and the shared use pedestrian-bicycle pathway pavement section.  The proposed streetlight work includes the removal of existing bollard lights and replacing them with the City’s current streetlight standard (Ski Run Blvd streetscape style lighting).  Several existing trees, annual and perennial grasses and indigenous shrubs will be removed and replaced with a mix of irrigated sod, ornamental shrubbery, aspen trees, paver stones, and stone accent borders. The existing pedestrian-bicycle path pavement has large transverse cracks that will be pulverized to provide a better structural sub-section and repaved with crack resistant polymer modified pavement. Work is scheduled to begin in early May and be completed by mid-July.

Pioneer Trail Pedestrian Upgrades
Pioneer Trail Pedestrian Upgrade project includes five-foot wide paved sidewalks and streetlights on both sides of Pioneer Trail from U.S. Highway 50 up to Larch Avenue.  The sidewalks will meet American Disability Act (ADA) design standards; curb ramps will be constructed at all intersections. In addition, transit bus shelter pads will be constructed in at bus transit stops in the Pioneer Trail project area. The Tahoe Transportation District (TTD) will follow up with arranging the construction of the bus shelters on the concrete pads in the near future (date undetermined). The proposed improvements require shifting the curb & gutter in areas where insufficient public right-of-way is available immediately behind the existing curb.  To meet ADA design standards, some of the existing drainage inlets will be shifted away from street corners.  The improvements are expected to provide safe pedestrian access that will encourage workers and visitors in the area to walk to their destinations.  Work is scheduled to begin in mid-July and be completed by October 15, 2013.

2014 Projects
Harrison Avenue Streetscape Project
The Harrison Avenue Streetscape Improvement Project is a part of a public and private partnership to create a distinct commercial district in the Harrison Avenue area. The Project includes redesigning Harrison Avenue, Riverside Avenue, and the side streets to include sidewalks, landscaping, lighting, additional parking, and gateway signage. Harrison, Riverside, San Jose, Alameda, and San Francisco are proposed to be one-way streets to make space for diagonal parking and a class 1 bike trail on Riverside. The project is proposed for construction in the summer of 2013.

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El Dorado Beach to Ski Run Bike Trail
The El Dorado Beach to Ski Run Bike Trail project includes construction of an approximately 1-mile long Class 1 bike path (paved bike path in dedicated right-of-way separated from roadway right-of-way) on the north side of U.S. Highway 50 between El Dorado Beach and Ski Run Boulevard.

90% Plans (Not Final)

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