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Lead Safe Tahoe Program
The program has now ended and staff put together bags with some materials to assist you if you are doing small repairs.  The Lead Safe Bags contain googles, HEPA-masks, disposable suit, shoe covers, disposable gloves, cleaning wipes, duct tape, a spray bottle, lead based paint informational pamphlets and a copy of the lead safe work practices video on DVD. 
These bags are available for free starting January 12th, while supplies last, at the City of South Lake Tahoe Development Services Department located at 1052 Tata Lane.

Below are links to the lead safe work practices videos in English and Spanish.

Lead Safe Work Practices video English Version

Lead Safe Work Practices Video Spanish Version

Facts About Lead
Lead is highly toxic!  Exposure to it can be dangerous, especially for children under the age of six (6).  It is important that every parent know about where lead can be found, and how to protect your children from exposure to lead.  It is also important to know what to do if you or a member of your family is exposed to lead.  The City's program and information on this page is here to help.

    Renovate Right
    Protect Your Family From Lead In Your Home

Consider These Facts
  • Over 1 million young children have lead poisoning.
  • Lead can affect children's brains and developing nervous systems, causing learning disabilities and behavioral problems.
  • Lead in dust is the most common way people are exposed to lead and lead dust is often invisible.
  • Lead is also harmful to adults. Even low levels of lead exposure can pose many dangers, including: high blood pressure and hypertension.
  • People may also breathe in lead dust or fumes if they disturb lead-based paint when they sand, scrape, replace windows or otherwise disturb lead-based paint.
Tips on How to Prevent Lead Poisoning
Everything you need to know about lead-based paint poisoning and how to prevent it, is available on http://www.leadfreekids.org/

Links to more information:
EPA & Lead:               www.epa.gov/lead/
EPA Publications:        www.epa.gov/lead/pubs/leadpdfe.pdf
HUD Healthy Homes:    http://www.healthyhomes.hud.gov/
Green and Healthy Homes Initiative:  http://www.GreenandHealthyHomes.org