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Fire Safety Inspections
Annual Fire and Life Safety Inspection Process
Travis Taylor
Fire Safety Inspector II

1052 Tata Ln.
South Lake Tahoe, CA  96150

Ph: (530) 542-7427
Fx: (530) 541-7524

Monday - Thursday
8:00 am - 4:00 pm
The City of South Lake Tahoe recently added the position of a Fire Safety Inspector.  The Fire Safety Inspector performs a variety of inspections of buildings, facilities, and special event venues for compliance with fire and life-safety codes and regulations, including building code safety requirements.  

The Fire Safety Inspector 
 will be conducting annual life and safety inspections of all existing commercial buildings, to include, but not limited to; those being used for selling merchandise, public assembly, hotels motels, and businesses.

This inspection program has begun and your business may be inspected in the near future without additional notice. Fire inspections will be scheduled loosely to include, “drop ins” (8AM – 4PM, Monday - Thursday) which will be determined based upon the discretion of the inspector. 

In many cases, the California Health and Safety Code, through legislation, requires annual fire and life safety inspections to be completed by the local fire official. Fire and life safety annual inspections also ensure business locations are in conformance with the California Code of Regulations Title 19, the California Fire Code, and other fire and life safety regulations and standards. These inspections are foremost to ensure lives and properties are not put at undue risk from fire. These inspections provide taxpayers with a cost-effective way to ensure buildings are in compliance with adopted codes and standards, lowering community-wide risk. 



10 Common Violations

Annual Fire and Life Safety Inspection Process

During an annual fire and life safety inspection, a fire inspector will determine if a location meets all applicable Code requirements. Typically violations come in two varieties: violations of general fire safe practices or the lack of maintenance of (or absence of) required prescriptive building features. In the event that violations are identified and can be immediately corrected or if the violations are minor in nature, the fire prevention inspector will issue a written order to address the violations.

A notice of violation will be issued and steps to regain compliance will be outlined. 

If minor violations are found and can be corrected while the inspector is onsite or for those that do not require re-inspection, no re-inspection fee will be charged.

Typically, onsite re-inspections are required for only the most serious fire and life safety hazards but proof of correction will be required to verify that violations of this nature have been remedied at which time if said violations have not been corrected or new violations are observed a re-inspection fee may be assessed.

Violations (several minor, or 1 or more major) which require additional inspection(s) will incur an $85.00 re-inspection fee.

Fees for Fire and Life Safety Inspections
The Development Services Department Building Division assesses an initial inspection fee which will be based on the square footage of the occupancy.

Fee Schedule

Square Feet

Inspection Fee

Re-Inspection Fee

Excessive (3rd) 

Re- Inspection Fee

<2k sq. ft.

$ 127.00

$ 85.00


2k-4k sq. ft.


$ 85.00


4k-10k sq. ft.

$ 254.00

$ 85.00


>10k sq. ft.


$ 85.00