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Multiple-Family Dwelling Inspection Program
About the Program

The purpose of the Multi-Family Dwelling (MFD) Inspection and Maintenance Program is to identify blighted and deteriorated housing stock and provide for the rehabilitation of housing that does not meet minimum building, housing and property maintenance code standards.   The MFD program ensures, through inspections that multi-family dwelling units are safe to occupy and preserves the quality of life for residents. 

The Multi-Family Dwelling Inspection and Maintenance Program is mandatory for all multi-unit residential rental complexes of six units or more. 


Inspections are performed on a periodic basis. Property owners are notified through a letter of intent to inspect a property a minimum of two week prior to the inspection date.  Owners are provided a check list and other informative material pertaining to the inspection process. 

Time for Corrections

Under the MFD guidelines the inspected properties are provided a reasonable period time for corrections.  This time period ranges from 24 hours to up to 120 days, depending upon the scope and severity of the violations.


Re-inspections shall be conducted to verify correction of violations.

Business License

Properties subject to the MFD program must hold a current businesses license which must be renewed annually.

Please visit the City’s Business and Professions Tax website for more information:

Business and Professional Licenses


The Multi-Family Dwelling Inspection and Maintenance Program annual service fee is charged in accordance with the City of South Lake Tahoe Schedule of Fees. 

The fee is used to finance the full cost of inspection and enforcement and it’s collected as part of the business license renewal.

List of Common Problems:
Non-working smoke detectors
Missing carbon monoxide detectors
Non-working heaters
Leaky faucets
Abandoned vehicles
Pest's Infestation

Number of properties currently in the program: 112

Number of units currently in the program: 1750

To view the Multiple-Family Dwelling Inspection and Maintenance Program please follow the link below:



Who’s responsible for replacing the batteries in the smoke detectors?

California Law states that each tenant shall be responsible for maintaining their smoke detector batteries.  This includes testing the smoke detectors to ensure that the batteries are functioning and replacing the batteries if necessary.
Should battery replacement fail to restore the smoke detector to normal operation, please contact the property manager to have the smoke detector replaced.

New smoke detectors shall be sealed ten (10) year battery type and are not serviceable by the tenant.

Who do we call to report abandoned vehicles?

For abandoned vehicle please call the Code Enforcement Hotline 530 542.6107.

When will I receive my inspection report?

The Inspection results are typically completed and mailed to the property owners a couple weeks after the initial inspection.

For recycling information, please visit the South Tahoe Refuse & Recycling Services: http://www.southtahoerefuse.com/Recycling.html

Contact Information
Keith Wilkinson
Housing Inspector
530 542-7426

List of Property Managers and Rental Dwellings