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Airport Master Plan
Public Workshop - JUNE 30, 2015

Join us for the fourth public workshop on Tuesday, June 30, 2015 at 5:30 pm at the Lake Tahoe Airport located at 1901 Airport Road.

The Airport Master Plan has progressed to another critical stage and the community's continued involvement is important.  The alternatives evaluation process has ended and a presentation will be given with regards to the results.

June 30, 2015 Meeting Postcard

Airport Master Plan – Phase 2 Report

During the master plan process the City asked for community input with regards to the future of the Lake Tahoe Airport. Comments included a review of the Airport’s full closure or a reduction in size to accommodate only operations of rotary-wing (helicopters) aircraft for emergency response services. A review of the existing and future aviation demand concluded that demand currently exists and will continue to exist for the 20 year planning period for aircraft that have an Airport Reference Code of B-II. Therefore, alternatives that cannot meet the minimum requirement of providing infrastructure and a safe aircraft operating environment to meet B-II design standards were not taken through the full evaluation process.

Click HERE to read the Airport Master Plan – Phase 2 Report

Historical Documents:
The Airport Master Plan Phase I Report was prepared to provide a summary of the following: 

  • Existing conditions of the airport and its surrounding environment
  • Aviation demand forecasts that provide detail on the short, intermediate, and long-range demand of aircraft operations at Lake Tahoe Airport
  • Facility requirements needed to accommodate the forecasted aviation activity
  • Identification of sustainability goals to incorporate into the master plan process

Click on the links below to view the reports.

Airport Master Plan Update – Phase I Report Executive Summary

Airport Master Plan Update – Phase I Report

Airport Master Plan Update – Phase 2 Report

Airport Master Plan Update – Phase I Report Appendices

Thank you to all who attended the public workshop on March 16th and for providing your input on the Phase 1 Report.  For those of you who were unable to attend, the Master Plan Preferred Alternatives PowerPoint presentation is provided below.

Master Plan Preferred Alternatives PowerPoint

City Council Part 139 Certificate Presentation

Public Comments Received at March 16, 2015 meeting

General Comments Received at March 16, 2015 meeting

Lake Tahoe News article recapping the workshop


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Presentation Boards from May 29, 2014 Workshop

Final Handouts from May 29, 2014 Workshop

FAA Letter on Information on Airport Closure

May 29, 2014 Meeting Invitation

May 5, 2014 Press Release

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Click to see the Presentation from workshop

Public Comments from February 2014 meeting

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