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Emergency Information
Tracy Sheldon
Communications Manager

Cell: (530) 542-6093

About this site
There are no emergencies or emergency communications in effect for the City of South Lake Tahoe. In the event of an emergency, news and information will be posted to this site and to the City of SLT home page.

We strongly encourage you to sign up for the Emergency Alert, text messaging service which is part of the City’s comprehensive emergency notification system.

Whether you live in the city limits or the county, sign up now for Reverse 911.

This Web site is your resource for up-to-date information about emergency alerts, closures and openings during emergencies or unfavorable weather situations.

Emergency Condition E-Notifications
E-Notifications will be sent to all subscribers. This is just one more way the City can keep you informed. Sign up to be notified when an emergency alert is activated.

How to Access Emergency Alert Information
Simply click on the "Emergency Alert" icon to the left and read about the Emergency situation in the City. This will only be activated in the event of a major fire or police emergency, including Amber Alerts and major snow events resulting in emergency conditions. This type of Emergency Alert will not include road maintenance, routine police or fire department events or non-emegency snow events.

What the "Emergency Alert" Color Means

GREEN Emergency Alert Light

Emergency Alert Inactive When the "Emergency Alert" light is green, no emergency conditions exist in the City at this time.

Flashing RED or Solid Red Emergency Alert Light
Emergency Alert Active When the "Emergency Alert" light is flashing red, or is a solid red, an emergency condition exists in the City.

Our Emergency Alerts
Will be posted in the following locations on this website:
  • Emergency Alert Icon
  • Home Page in the News section

Click HERE to view the City's Emergency Operations Plan

This guide has been created to help the local residents of the South Lake Tahoe area become more prepared for disasters. The topics and information contained in this guide are specific to the South Lake Tahoe Area. This guide was created by locals for locals to specifically address disasters most likely to hit our area. Please make the time to read this document, become informed, and be more prepared.

South Lake Tahoe Emergency Management Community Council (EMCC) Emergency Preparedness Guide

Get Prepared for an Emergency

As part of the City's initiative to increase communications, we will be offering a 12 part monthly series higlighting emergency preparedness. Use these tools to prepare yourself for an emergency.


Emergency Preparedness – Month 1
Create a Family Disaster Plan


Emergency Preparedness – Month 2
72 Hour Comfort Kits


       Emergency Preparedness - Month 3
               Important Documents

       Emergency Preparedness - Month 4
                     Utility Safety

       Emergency Preparedness - Month 5
              Extended Event Supplies

       Emergency Preparedness - Month 6
                      Fire Safety

        Emergency Prepareness Guide  - 
      Created by the South Lake Tahoe       
      Emergency Management Council

      Emergency Preparedness - Month 8
                  Sheltering in Place

      Emergency Preparedness - Month 9
                   Smoke Dangers

      Emergency Preparedness - Month 10
                 Home Hazard Hunt

      Emergency Preparedness - Month 11
                   Be Winter Wise

      Emergency Preparedness - Month 12
                   Storing Water

Living with Fire

Important Numbers
South Lake Tahoe Police Department         (530)542-6100
El Dorado County Sherriff’s Department     (530)573-3000
El Dorado County Jail                               (530)573-3031
California Highway Patrol                          (530)577-1001
Douglas County Sherriff’s Department       (775)782-9900
South Lake Tahoe Fire Department            (530)542-6160
Lake Valley Fire Department                     (530)577-3737
Road Conditions – California                     (800)427-ROAD
Road Conditions – Nevada                        (877)687-6237
El Dorado County Health Department        (530)573-3155
American Red Cross – South Lake Tahoe   (916)933-7070
Barton Memorial Hospital                         (530)541-3420
City of South Lake Tahoe Snow Removal   (530)542-6030
El Dorado County Snow Removal              (530)573-3180
El Dorado County Animal Control              (530)577-1766

This website contains valuable information about how South Lake Tahoe residents and visitors can prepare for disasters and how citizens can become more involved in the community.

More useful tips!
Cal FIRE Wildfire Action Plan
Helping Children During a Disaster
Be Winter Wise