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Vacation Home Rentals (VHR)
The VHR Clerk can be contacted at (530) 542-6011.
The VHR Enforcement contact number is (530) 542-6100.


The City of South Lake Tahoe initially adopted the VHR program in 2003 in response to community concerns.  Over time the number of vacation homes has steadily grown to approximately 1,800 VHR properties.

What is a VHR?
A VHR is
defined as a property rented for 30 consecutive calendar days or less.

Residential VHRs and Commercial / Tourist Area VHRs
There are (1) VHRs in residential areas and (2) VHRs in areas defined as commercial / tourist areas where transient occupancy (hotels/motels) are allowed. The City's Ordinance divides rules and regulations by where VHRs are located. 

(1) Residential Areas:
Effective October 1, 2015 new VHR applications from homeowners, buyers or builders in residential areas must follow new regulations when submitting an application, which includes notification of neighbors within a 300 foot radius, a home inspection by the City's Building Division, and a hearing with the Zoning Administrator if requested. VHRs already permitted in residential areas will be required to have an inspection by the City's Building Division at the time of their renewal. For complete information on these procedures for residential areas, follow this link for VHR Application Process.

(2) Commercial / Tourist Core Areas:
All VHR applications in commercial or tourist-core areas will be reviewed by the City's Zoning Administrator.

How do I know if my VHR needs an Administrative Permit or a Discretionary Permit?
Click on the link below to view the City VHR map.
City of South Lake Tahoe map
Note that areas in Yellow are zoned Residential (Discretionary Permit) and areas in Red are zoned Commercial / Tourist Core Areas (Administrative Permit). Please note the criteria that must be met within the Commercial / Tourist Core Areas in order to be reviewed under an administrative permit. 
Enforcement for all VHRs will be conducted by the City of South Lake Tahoe's Police Department located at 1352 Johnson Blvd. VHR Enforcement contact number is (530) 542-6100.

VHR Database
Search for VHR's in Your Area

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