VHR Information for Community Members


The VHR (Vacation Home Rentals) Clerk can be contacted at (530) 542-6011.
The VHR Enforcement contact number is (530) 542-7474.

Vacation Home Rental Hotline

The City of South Lake Tahoe has established a call line or "hotline" if you need to register a complaint about a VHR in your neighborhood at (530) 542-7474. In a non-emergency situation, such as a noise or trash complaint, we ask that you call this number instead of calling 911. We invite your calls, and ask that you provide the address of the property in question.

General Information

A VHR is defined as a property rented for less than 30 consecutive calendar days. Property owners are required to complete a VHR application and an inspection will be scheduled with the City’s Development Services Department.

City staff will notify neighbors within 300 feet of the proposed VHR property and schedule a hearing with the Zoning Administrator. If members of the community provide written objection to the VHR application, public hearing will be held to provide opportunity to discuss concerns before proceeding. If no objections are filed, the Zoning Administrator will review the application. The Zoning Administrator will review the application, information from the onsite inspection, and compliance with City’s VHR Code. The Zoning Administrator may approve or deny the application; or require special conditions before issuing a VHR permit.


The fines for operating a VHR without a permit is $1,000 per South Lake Tahoe City Code Chapter 3.50.550 Penalties for failure to register, failure to file returns, or filing false return or report.

All enforcement for VHR's will be conducted at the City of South Lake Tahoe's Police Department located at 1352 Johnson Boulevard VHR Enforcement can be contacted at the South Lake Tahoe Police Department at (530) 542-7474.

The enforcement section of the VHR code can be viewed online.