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2016 Class 1 Bike Path Snow Removal Spring Survey Results

Did you know that the City of South Lake Tahoe clears Class 1 Bike/Multiuse paths as a secondary function after a significant snow event? The South Lake Tahoe Joint Powers Authority (JPA) Bicycle Advisory Committee posted a survey from April 16, 2015 – May 15, 2016 asking participants for input on snow removal on Class 1 Bike/Multiuse paths during winter months.

Survey Results (PDF)

In summarizing the survey results;

  • 82% for respondents agreed that snow removal should occur on Class 1 bike/multiuse paths.
  • The most heavily used bike/multiuse paths in winter months is Al Tahoe Blvd.
  • 78% of respondents walk on bike/multiuse paths in winter months.
  • 61% of respondents said they would not be impacted if snow removal did not occur on bike/multiuse paths.

Committee Members

  • David Reichel (Committee Chair)
  • Bruce Eisner
  • Chuck Nelson
  • John Upton
  • Peter Fink
  • Paul Amato
  • Russ Dahler
  • Shay Navarro


Committee members generally meet on the fist Wednesday of each month at 9am at the City of South Lake Tahoe Administration offices located at 1901 Airport Rd.

About the Committee

The Bicycle Advisory Committee operates under the South Lake Tahoe Recreation Facilities Joint Powers Authority. The purpose of this Authority is to enhance the recreational facilities in the South Lake Tahoe Area of the County.

The South Lake Tahoe Recreation Facilities Joint Powers Authority consists of:

  • City of South Lake Tahoe
  • El Dorado County
  • Tahoe Paradise Resort Improvement District


Biannual Joint Powers Authority Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) Report (PDF) from January 29, 2016.

Past Projects

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Bicycle Trail Rehabilitation Project

The Joint Powers Authority Bicycle Committee and the City hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony for the bicycle rehabilitation project completed on the majority of the class 1 bike trails throughout the City on Friday September 19th at noon. Check out the video!

Construction Update as of July 25, 2014

Construction area July 25, 2014
Construction bridge area July 25, 2014

During Construction - July 2014

Construction Machinery by cars
Dirt Road
Dirt road with cone

"Before" Photos

Crack in road Behind Motel 6
Large crack in road behind Motel 6

Behind the Motel 6 at 2375 Lake Tahoe Boulevard - Photos by Eric Thelin

Cracks between the boards in the bridge behind Motel 6
Large cracks between the boards in the bridge behind Motel 6

Bridge along Highway 50 near Meek's Hardware
These photos are of the cracks between the boards in the bridge behind Motel 6. These cracks occur because the boards are allowed to float and there needs to be a little space between the boards to allow for thermal expansion. When it is colder there is more space. If the boards get shoved together then large cracks form. This problem will be eliminated by bolting down the new Cumaru boards.
Photos and text by Eric Thelin

Bike path near Live Violence Free
Bike path near McDonalds
Tree on bike path near McDonalds